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So I did this thing, where I flew out to Seattle, met my friend Jen, and then we drove (well, Jen drove, I can't drive a manual) all the way down to Los Angeles, stopping in Portland, Eugene, San Francisco, Monterey along the way. We enjoyed the elevation of I-5 and the ridiculous coastal beauty of Highway 1. Then, I came home and tried to write a blog post about, and hadn't even gotten to Monterey three days later, and realized this was impossible. I've already made two things I want to blog about!

So I present a sample of the hundreds of photos I took on my trip, with brief explanations. You'll probably enjoy this more anyhow. And look, not that many pictures of food!


Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. Yep, five doughnuts for two people.

Mt Shasta

Mt. Shasta! We stopped to take photos along I-5. I-5 reaches 4310 ft at its highest elevation, which for a Midwesterner like me is kind of insane.

entrees from ad hoc

Dinner in Napa at Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc. I tried, but I was thoroughly defeated by my pork shank.


San Francisco's Ferry Building on Saturday. I ate oysters standing up at the farmer's market and mourned my lack of a fridge to store food.


A view of the (closed for crazy construction) Bay Bridge in San Francisco.

sunset in marina, california

Sunset from the beach near our hotel near Monterey: it was so beautiful, but windy and chilly, so we snapped pics and ran for the car.

bixby bridge along highway 1

Stunning views along highway 1 at Big Sur, with Bixby Bridge in the background.


A view of Los Angeles, from the top of Griffith Observatory. It was scorching hot in LA during our stay, but the lack of humidity meant that for me it didn't feel so bad! (Unlike today in Chicago. Ugh.)

sunset in santa monica

One last evening, in Santa Monica. A fitting last night on the West Coast!

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  1. Okay it's official, the iPhone takes better pictures than my Samsung Galaxy 3. Although Sourabh's 4 is much better, so maybe they're working on that?

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