linkable lists: fall is so legit


This time of year makes me miss college. I mean, just look at that. Gorgeous. The leaves have been late to change color here in the present, but they're finally in full swing, and it makes the chill weather worth withstanding.

1. Pumpkin tres leches cake??!??!? Stop it.

2. In the post Halloween spirit, a story about zombies in Haiti that's the most compelling writing I've read on the internet all week.

3. The Chicago Reader's moving piece on the tragic death of a cyclist.

4. Chicago-made Co-Op Sauce hot sauces are taking over my fridge. And my life. You may have noticed the Poblano version lurking in my fish taco post.

5. Made this apple cake with salted caramel earlier this week, but was in too much of a hurry to take photos for blogging. A bit tragic, since it was delicious.

6. Cocktail recipes and longform journalism about alcohol? Punch, where have you been all my life?

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