about me

I am the most likely to be reading food blogs instead of paying attention in class.

I stress-buy cookbooks while studying for exams.

I hate recipes that require trips to six different grocery stores or in which one ingredient is the same price as a large pizza. But I get a CSA delivered to my apartment, spend obscene amounts of money at the farmers market and have four kinds of butter and six of jam in my fridge and I think spending eight dollars on a chocolate bar is only a minor extravagance.

I started a food blog because I love to cook and bake and writing and forcing my opinions on other people. I was making all these things in my kitchen and it started to feel silly not share it. I named it after two of my most favorite things, cake (yep, I like cake better than pie) and bourbon (currently joining me in a menage a trois with gin). I’m a medical student, though, so regular updates continue to elude me.

I think food should make you happy and so I share the things that made me happy.

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