butternut squash mac and cheese

squash mac and cheese

You know, before we get into full-on Christmas madness, let's take a break. Let's pause to enjoy a nice light bowl of–oh wait, I'm talking about mac and cheese today.

To be fair, there's an entire butternut squash in here, cleverly blended into the sauce to make it creamy without a ton of butter and heavy cream, which I guess technically makes this mac "lighter." Not that I care, honestly. I wanted mac and cheese and I happened to have several butternut squash for my CSA that needed to be used much sooner than later.

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three cheese mac with broccoli

I really have no excuse for cooking and blogging instead of studying the renal system. This is me not caring. A girl’s gotta eat, you know, and my back-up plan of blogging for a living needs to be maintained.

I was going to make this for book club but then book club was cancelled¬†after I had read the book, so in retaliation (I could have been studying!) I decided to make it for myself and post it on the internet. So there.¬†Everyday Food called this “lighter” mac and cheese, which I guess is true if you go by Martha Stewart’s standards (her classic recipe calls for more than 6 cups of cheese). The trick is using neufchatel cheese (aka light cream cheese) for a really creamy sauce, and adding broccoli so you can reassure yourself that you ate your vegetables. Or as the magazine says, “Broccoli adds substance and vitamins.” Alrighty then. Continue reading