vegan gingerbread cookies with lemon icing

iced gingerbread cookies

Oh look, more cookies! I have multiple kinds of cookie dough in the freezer, and I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I went a little overboard. And I originally wrote "overbread," so yeah, baking is clearly on my brain. Better that than this travesty of a Bears game I'm watching. I'm hoping blogging will somehow turn this game around. Hey Jay, if you pull this off, I'll totally make you some gingerbread!

Yeah, I just offered a type I diabetic sugary cookies. I'm going to be a great doctor.

So wow, back to the cookies. For once, I used no butter! Crazy, I know. But I have some dairy-intolerant folks in my life, and who doesn't need a change of pace sometimes?

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salted chocolate pistachio sables

salted chocolate pistachio sables

Sometimes, I see cookie recipes in a magazine and cookbook and I think, "Oh, you should make these one day." Others, I see and think, "OMG I need to make these as soon as I possibly can!" These cookies are, of course, among the latter. I mean, come on. The recipe name is a list of four of my favorite things.

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banana-nut oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies

banana-nut oatmeal chocolate chip

'Tis the season, bitches, and I'm back, with cookies. I hope you are ready for some cookies, because this month…that's pretty much going to be the deal. I bake cookies until I collapse on the floor in a heap of flour, then I drink wine and watch something embarrassing on Netflix. (See: last year's reference to River Monsters.) (Also, those cookies are great for Christmas, look into it.)

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gingerbread pumpkin ice cream sandwiches

pumpkin ice cream sandwiches

Yeah, honestly, the title and pictures pretty much sell themselves.

I love ice cream sandwiches. Like, a lot, and the fact that I don't make them more is kind of a tragedy. Except maybe for the size of my waistline. Flipping through the October Martha Stewart Living (yeah in my fantasy life I have time to make wreaths out of corn husks and carve art museum-worthy pumpkins), these caught my eye immediately.

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crisp and chewy chocolate chip cookies


Sometimes, you have to go back to basics. Because sometimes? The basics are the best.

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pine nut blondies

Pine nuts in dessert. Yep. For some reason, ever since I first saw this recipe on Serious Eats, the idea stuck in my head. I almost made them a week ago, but finals put a crimp in those plans and all other blogging plans. It was sad to upload these photos and realize I had two other sets of photos that I never got around to posting.
But now – spring break! And blondies! Chuck full of pine nuts. And a whole lot of butter and sugar. No apologies, my friends. You may be spending the week in some tropical country in swim gear, but I was in NYC and now Chicago, where spring is nothing but a cruel lie. I had an amazing time in NYC – my friend Jen can fill you in on the details – but it was snowing on Monday. Actually sticking to the ground, making it hard to read street signs, I did not pack the right shoes for this snowing. Continue reading

peppermint chocolate chip sugar cookies


My brain keeps running through all the things I need to get done before tomorrow's family gathering. Should I bake anything else? Well, anything else, besides the chocolate chip cookies I need to make lest my relatives kick me out into the cold. Exactly how clean should I bother getting my apartment? What color should I paint my nails? Are my holiday outfits clean? How many hours are these oranges supposed to be in the oven to dehydrate? Did I forget to buy presents for anyone? Am I really going to make it to 5pm mass tonight? Why do eels exist? Seriously, why is anything that terrifying and awful allowed to exist? Why did I think it was a good idea to watch roughly seven hours of River Monsters?

And that's the point when I tell my brain to shut up and decide to eat another cookie.

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sweet potato chocolate chip cookies

Told you there would be cookies! I was actually looking for the regular chocolate chip recipe in the Joy the Baker cookbook when I stumbled across these. As might be obvious by now, I'm always up for intriguing ways to use vegetables, and I had a sweet potato that badly needed to be used. I pretty quickly changed course, and ended up with a whole bunch of these babies.

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cranberry crumb bars + thankfulness

It's after 6 on Thanksgiving Eve; these bars are made; the pumpkin pies are cooled; I totally forgot to salt the turkey so I'd best do that shortly. It's a bit cliche, I suppose, to write a "thanks" post, but I am grateful to any holiday that inspires me to give thanks.

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browned butter snickerdoodles

While frantically studying for my final anatomy exam, I stress-ordered a cookbook from Amazon, like normal people totally do. Right? Anyway, said cookbook was Baked Elements, the third offering from the Baked bakery team. I own the first two, only seemed necessary to get the third. And oh boy. I took it with me on exam day to relieve some stress, and a few classmates and I spent most of our time before the exam drooling at the recipes.

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