artichoke and feta pizza

The finished product


The internet is full of people obsessively pursuing the perfect home pizza (yes, Serious Eats, I'm looking at you). I am impressed by their dedication and their results. It's just…not me. The way I see it, if I want perfect pizzeria-style pizza, I'll…drive 25 minutes to my parents where I can order proper Chicago-style South Side thin crust. Okay, so maybe that was easier back when I wasn't in the pizza desert of a neighborhood I am now.

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turnip and greens farro salad + creamy winter squash

Yeah, yeah, you were probably expecting cookies. But no worries, cookies are on the way. But first, vegetables.

I spent the last few days in Miami, there ostensibly to watch my brother graduate from college. It rained quite a bit but I got a few hours of sun in each day and even when it's cloudy the beach is a pretty damn nice place to be. The trip also meant eating out for four days straight, the highlight certainly being Michael's Genuine. It's kind of remarkable to be able to enjoy heirloom tomatoes in season in December, and their roasted version with pesto and goat cheese made it more so. However, despite the deliciousness I enjoyed, I was ready for some lighter fare by the time I flew back into Chicago. These recipes caught my eye while I was perusing my December cooking magazines, looking, of course, for cookie recipes.

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mussels with bacon, fennel, and white wine

This is my life post-anatomy. Making mussels for the hell of it on a weeknight, after spending a good portion of biochem lecture finding recipes online. People who sit behind me in pre-lunch lectures tend to get very hungry. The second anyone asks a question I'm on Flipboard, looking at my food blogs.

I love mussels. It's a recent obsession, inspired by the mussels at GT Fish & Oyster, which I first had over a year ago. I'd never made them at home until fairly recently, when I saw that they were on sale at the local grocery store. If you've made mussels before, you'll know what I discovered: that the longest part of making mussels is the 10 minutes you'll spend scrubbing and debearding. With these mussels, I was done cooking and eating within 50 minutes.

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corn fritters with chili dipping sauce

Oh guys. This one. This one is good. I inhaled five pretty much before I could blink, and ate them for the breakfast for the next morning. And for a late night snack a few nights later. This is summer sweet corn at it's best, still sweet and crunchy, wrapped in a light eggy batter, spotted with green onions and not much more, pan-fried until irresistible, paired with a creamy spicy dipping sauce.

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