snapshot fridays: annals of brownie recipe testing

I picked up chestnut flour at the farmer's market a few weeks ago, originally for a chestnut pear cake recipe. I've been trying to use the rest in a brownie recipe. The first attempt was a great texture, but I accidentally reached for peppermint instead of vanilla and so you couldn't taste anything but mint. In these, I used all chestnut flour, which gave it a great flavor, but the brownies dried out really quickly. I have enough flour for one more attempt, but I may just go back to the pear cake. That one I know works!

snapshot fridays: what to do with bananas

An overwhelming amount of frozen overripe bananas crowding the freezer inspires a recipe search.

Honestly, though, there's enough bananas for three separate recipes. Oops.

snapshot fridays: fish tacos for dinner

Not every dinner I cook for myself is an elaborate affair, but they're not necessarily worth blogging about either. Today's snapshot (look, another new feature) is of tonight's dinner: tilapia tacos with guacamole and a mesclun and cilantro salad with lime dressing. The guac is from a local grocery store and the salad greens from my CSA. It just happened to be a much more photogenic meal than my usual quick dinners!