three cheese mac with broccoli

I really have no excuse for cooking and blogging instead of studying the renal system. This is me not caring. A girl’s gotta eat, you know, and my back-up plan of blogging for a living needs to be maintained.

I was going to make this for book club but then book club was cancelled¬†after I had read the book, so in retaliation (I could have been studying!) I decided to make it for myself and post it on the internet. So there.¬†Everyday Food called this “lighter” mac and cheese, which I guess is true if you go by Martha Stewart’s standards (her classic recipe calls for more than 6 cups of cheese). The trick is using neufchatel cheese (aka light cream cheese) for a really creamy sauce, and adding broccoli so you can reassure yourself that you ate your vegetables. Or as the magazine says, “Broccoli adds substance and vitamins.” Alrighty then. Continue reading