cream cheese pound cake

Alternative titles for this post:

“I might have just failed microbiology, but whatever” cake
“Procrastination through blogging”
“Baking as the most appropriate response to stress”
“The natural light in my kitchen is so much better now, check it out!”

Midterms are the worst. Finals suck too, don’t get me wrong, but they are generally followed by time off. Midterms you study until you want to cry, then you have to go back to class the next day and start over again. For some reason, my school saw fit to curse us with a Friday exam followed by a Monday exam, and I decided that called for pound cake. Continue reading

carrot cupcakes with maple cream cheese icing

I adore carrot cake. I have a slight problem though. I hate, hate, hate the abominations known to others as "raisins." And carrot cake? People really like putting raisins in it. This recipe, however, didn't even list raisins, not even as an optional ingredient. I was liking it already.
Fortunately, my first impression proved correct when I actually got around to baking the cupcakes. Stuffed full of carrots, moist without being oily, and not too sweet, even with the icing. The maple syrup adds just a hint of maple flavor, enough to make itself known but not so much that it overwhelms the delicate taste of the cake.

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