mussels with bacon, fennel, and white wine

This is my life post-anatomy. Making mussels for the hell of it on a weeknight, after spending a good portion of biochem lecture finding recipes online. People who sit behind me in pre-lunch lectures tend to get very hungry. The second anyone asks a question I'm on Flipboard, looking at my food blogs.

I love mussels. It's a recent obsession, inspired by the mussels at GT Fish & Oyster, which I first had over a year ago. I'd never made them at home until fairly recently, when I saw that they were on sale at the local grocery store. If you've made mussels before, you'll know what I discovered: that the longest part of making mussels is the 10 minutes you'll spend scrubbing and debearding. With these mussels, I was done cooking and eating within 50 minutes.

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