banana-nut oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies

banana-nut oatmeal chocolate chip

'Tis the season, bitches, and I'm back, with cookies. I hope you are ready for some cookies, because this month…that's pretty much going to be the deal. I bake cookies until I collapse on the floor in a heap of flour, then I drink wine and watch something embarrassing on Netflix. (See: last year's reference to River Monsters.) (Also, those cookies are great for Christmas, look into it.)

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oatmeal chocolate chip muffins

Sorry about the dead zone that was March and half of April. Between finals, spring break, and medical issues, I wasn't doing much (read: any) cooking or baking. I'm back today with some oatmeal chocolate chip muffins.

These muffins were inspired by one of my favorite cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip. It's hard being an oatmeal chocolate chip fan. The fake-outs are constant. "Oh, what is this oatmeal cookie? It has dark spots…oh dammit not raisins!" Said by me. Often. I really don't like raisins. I never have been able to overcome my childhood aversion, and trust me, I've tried. Continue reading