pine nut blondies

Pine nuts in dessert. Yep. For some reason, ever since I first saw this recipe on Serious Eats, the idea stuck in my head. I almost made them a week ago, but finals put a crimp in those plans and all other blogging plans. It was sad to upload these photos and realize I had two other sets of photos that I never got around to posting.
But now – spring break! And blondies! Chuck full of pine nuts. And a whole lot of butter and sugar. No apologies, my friends. You may be spending the week in some tropical country in swim gear, but I was in NYC and now Chicago, where spring is nothing but a cruel lie. I had an amazing time in NYC – my friend Jen can fill you in on the details – but it was snowing on Monday. Actually sticking to the ground, making it hard to read street signs, I did not pack the right shoes for this snowing. Continue reading